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In Order To Cheer Up Incandescens

A bit more high school trip to Vienna!Bleach. I do have this plotted out, I swear! ...sort of.

The day of the school trip was sticky-hot and running to dust everywhere. Ichigo's class stood outside and waited interminably for the coach, the faint wind only serving to wash grit into the backs of their throats: Miss Ochi checked her watch and produced an enormous peacock-decorated fan, and her students gradually divested themselves of luggage and discussed ways to pass the time.

Keigo had dropped his over-stuffed rucksack within minutes, and was plumped down on it, bemoaning their collective fate loudly. He was already completely covered with sweat, unlike his classmates, and was prevented by girlish squeals of terrors from unbuttoning his shirt to cool down. Mizuiro stood beside him patting his back in camaraderie, wearing a quite immaculate pair of black spats and a thick, starched jacket: his polished black suitcase rested, unscuffed, against his white-trousered legs.

Ichigo leaned against the wall nearby, bag hanging off one shoulder, only vaguely listening to their conversation, with Chad beside him, carrying something small and plastic which, most likely, contained only clean underwear and a toothbrush for the whole trip. The heat left him entirely untouched.

Rukia's bag was in so many bright colours that it somehow managed to clash with the universe. Chappy was featured prominently, as were flowers, butterflies, kittens, and ribbon: according to her, she'd gone into the shop and asked for something "feminine" in order to fit in, though Ichigo strongly suspected it was a matter of personal taste.

Ishida stood at a very pointed distance and rummaged through his suitcase: when Ichigo registered that he was, in fact, refolding everything in there to pass the time he decided that the Quincy was beyond hope.

Orihime talked brightly to Tatsuki and managed somehow to spill socks all over the floor, which Chizuru, thoughtfully, licked clean, escaping punishment only through Tatsuki's utter, disgusted, astonishment; Mahana waved a Hello Kitty bag cheerfully around, Michiru dragged an enormous squashy thing behind her that seemed to be going at the seams, and a small and tell-tale stuffed animal head protruded from the sharply-folded corner of Ryo's rucksack.

When the coach finally rolled up, delayed for reasons involving a mistress in Osaka that would become suddenly clear during the journey itself, there was a mad, concerted rush, led, heroically, by Keigo, that made it rock alarmingly. Miss Ochi, on noticing that something had happened, climbed inside after them, demanded quiet, and then asked for a boy-girl, boy-girl formation "for reasons of peace and orderliness, according to the school".

Even Chizuru was too weak to fight, and with an exhausted flop, the class settled down into their seats and waited for the ferry.


It was possibly the longest and most boring coach ride Ichigo had ever been on, enlivened only by Rukia's insistence on jumping out at every rest-stop and dragging him off to the girls' room to check her pager for any further news or description beyond "big and purple". Keigo had degenerated to licence plate bingo with the crowd at the back, after several hours of "I Spy" (apartment block after apartment block) and Rich Man, Poor Man, which he continually lost to Kunieda Ryo, who challenged Ishida to a "death match" after Keigo finally got bored.

Orihime, of course, remained perky as ever, though her strong conviction that they would cross the sea by the coach transforming into an enormous mecha ferry was almost certainly bound to be disappointed. Tatsuki listened to her, head leant into the back seat and eyes closed, and took the stops as an opportunity for elaborate stretching, having succeeded in being the one extra girl in the class and commandeering the aisle seat.

Chad was asleep. Ishida was crocheting. Chizuru, having consigned herself to despair long before, had drifted off in the heat and settled, unconscious, onto Chad's shoulder, which she occasionally murmured misdirected compliments to, sleep-groping his abdomen, foiled by height.

"So!" Keigo declared, shaken out of his stupor of travel games by lack of paper, and thankfully halted before the singing stage. "What's everyone looking forward to?"

"Getting off this coach," Tatsuki said shortly.

He pouted. "I'm talking about the WONDERS of Austria! The - the music! The countryside! The buildings! The..." Keigo ran to a halt.

"mmmphwasfgl...girls?" Chizuru put in. "Guh...European girls...not a single one flat-chested...Julie Andrews..."

"Julie Andrews?" Ishida was horrified. "That's just impure."

"Wha? I've always wanted to defile a nun..."

Ishida put his hands over his ears and stabbed his finger violently with the crochet needle in shock.

"What about the food?" Mahana said, trying to rescue the conversation. "Sausages and cabbage and things - I've heard that's good."

"Yes!" Keigo dove in before anyone else could derail the beauty of his travel dreams. "Pastries and apple twirly things and bakery and S-s-s-shhhh-scccooo-sh...nuh...-sn-s-s-chuh..."

He began to turn blue.

"...you OK?" Ichigo said.

"Oh!" Light dawned in Mizuiro's mind. "I think he was trying to pronounce 'schnitzel'."


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Nov. 2nd, 2006 07:12 pm (UTC)
Mmm. This definitely cheers me up. Poor Chizuru. :)
Nov. 2nd, 2006 07:17 pm (UTC)
Oh my... Oh me oh my. I am looking forward to more... (Yes, incandescens, above, tattled about this. O:> )
Dec. 4th, 2006 01:49 pm (UTC)
Who listens to what music?
Hello. Good day
Who listens to what music?
I Love songs Justin Timberlake and Paris Hilton
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