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I really, really love books. I've been reading them all the time ever since I began to be able to do so, and my reading habit has only really dropped off since my final exams at school, when I just had to stop for a few months to revise and found it quite hard to pick back up again. Also, our library remodelled itself to be more accessible and now has about 50% less books and the Classics section is on a single carousel which doesn't help, and I am away from school and thus the beautiful 250-volume Everyman Millenium library which I had only got a quarter of the way through.

I also love talking about books, and sharing them, and listening to other people talk about them! And most of my friends don't read that much, or don't like some of the books I love. The backs of books are frequently misleading when you pick them up, newspaper reviews can be all over the place and are also only helpful if you're ordering books are the library (which now costs me money) or buying them new, and I am a student and thus very very broke.

So this post is for you to recommend books to me -- whatever you've read and enjoyed and why, whoever you are! even if you are some random passing stranger I would love to hear it -- and for me to recommend books to you if you want me to. I may reply at GREAT LENGTH. It is totally cool if you don't like them usually. I will provide you with gateway book.

Also please feel free to talk about books you really hated or had some major problem with which marred the whole thing or which you weren't sure what to think about. BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS!



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