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About the mean comments.

Yeah, I get really sick of everyone sometimes. I was venting. This is not the real baeckahaesten. I hacked their account just to spread mean comments. So don't be nasty to them, you don't know who I am but sometimes, you just gotta be a bitch.

In Order To Cheer Up Incandescens

A bit more high school trip to Vienna!Bleach. I do have this plotted out, I swear! ...sort of.

755 words of not doing homework, VICTOLYCollapse )

Before I forget...

Today's snippets of conversation:

-Why is there a banana in my bed?
-I put it down there, okay?
-I had to do some kind of non banana-gripping activity.
-Didn't you notice it was lost?
-No. Well, I thought of asking where it was, but it seemed petty. As it was just fruit.
-I could have ended up covered in mashed banana. Beast.
-Next time I'll fit all the food in this house with a homing device.

-So there was this mother in Connecticut, and she gave birth to a baby that weighed...
-Guess it!
-I don't want to. It's too painful.
-14 pounds.
-Fourteen? Ouch!
-Yup, 14.
(from the other room) -If that was a carp, I'd stuff it.

-So there I was in the church, where they were worshipping the barren blood of Christ and stuff, and my menstrual blood just slopped all over the floor and, like, tentacle-raped the groom.

Oct. 4th, 2006

Hey everyone,

Just a note to say that the reason I disappeared for a couple of days was because my modem got STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. Actually it's kind of retrospectively awesome, in an oh snap I have to replace the answering machine and the router and the modem and the TV aerial too way. The sky went white, thunder rolled, and half the things in the house went baking hot and melted. And then it got fixed! After many hours on hold to NTL listening to very boring music and being told to look up help about your internet connection online which might be hard because I was ringing the MY BROADBAND DOESN'T WORK HELPLINE. Heh. I'm glad I'm naturally quite calm and happy and doormatlike at times like these, especially as my father ended up swearing madly at a real person down the line ("STOP LYING TO ME, YOU BASTARD!!! - oh, wait, is that a human being? ...sorry"). I've also discovered how surprisingly internet-dependent I am. It's like losing the limb you never knew you had.

Also, everyone should watch the new Bleach opening because it's beautiful and wonderful and has so much Matsumoto I made undignified whale noises for several minutes afterwards, and over /filler/ too. Watch for Ishida doing the dishes, and ashausdhasaoidfhosj Gin hugchoking her, which was about seventeen kinds of emotionally messed up gorgeousness. How I do love relationships with violence, betrayal and/or backstabbing.

Oh, and try out Maria-sama ga Miteru sometime. It's just terribly cute, slightly deranged, and starts off as super-shoujo and fluffy and sincere and gets more so but at the same time stupidly hilarious on purpose. Seriously, by about the fourth episode I was laughing my head off and "awwing" at it repeatedly. Very strange in a subtle way, nice music, and the characters are great when you get used to 'em.

My Brain is DEFORMED.

I...I wrote a Utena/Bleach crossover. INSTEAD OF FULFILLING MY OBLIGATIONS though I guess it counts towards crimsonleaves.

Ahahaha this is completely insane.

Super-pink-chan!!!Collapse )


I'm so writer's-blocked now it's not even funny. No ideas at all.

So, make me write! As many requests, whatever you like, I don't expect you to review or even read, I just want to be cattle-prodded into writing. The original novel you always wanted! Complete insanity! Fanfic! ANYTHING FROM DRABBLES TO FULL-LENGTH I WILL TRY, THE NOT WRITING HURTS. Even poetry, damnit.

Fandoms baecka knows, if you want that -

Fruits Basket
Maria-sama ga Miteru
Naruto (kinda)
Fullmetal Alchemist
...uh, I probably know more but I can't remember you can try me?